Friday, June 15, 2012

Olive Oil

At first thought Olive Oil and Ice Cream wouldn't seem to go together, but thanks to a neighborhood pizza place (Pizzeria Lola: Link) where they offer homemade v*nilla ice cream with olive oil and sea salt on top. Sounds odd but it's very good and made me want to try a similar recipe in the Humphry Slocombe cookbook.  

Humphry Slocombe created this recipe after visiting their own neighbors at McEvoy Ranch which produces high end olive oils, which you can order online here: Link

While I didn't use McEvoy Olive Oil, I took the book's suggestion and purchased about 12oz of high quality oil at the nearby Whole Foods for roughly $15. 

Here we is the set up:

After mixing together the egg yolks and sugar the fairly substantial amount of olive oil is mixed in:

Once the olive oil is mixed in the sugar and eggs look pretty glazed:

Meanwhile, I microplaned half of an orange and half of a lemon and set aside before eventually adding it to the ice cream:

After combining all of the ingredients, including the cream and milk, I placed overnight in a fridge (notice the flecks of zest in the mixture):

Then the mixture is placed in the ice cream maker:

After about 20 minutes in the mixer I put in a container and placed in the freezer overnight to let firm up for consistency:

And here's the finished product. The recipe says that the olive oil ice cream goes well with other deserts, including fruit, and since we've received strawberries the last three weeks in our CSA I put them together:

I thought this recipe was a little hit and miss. Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the citrus zest which I thought was a bit overpowering. The olive oil was nice and a unique flavor, but it was a bit jarring at first before mellowing out. Another recommendation from the book was to pair it with a little chocolate, which I did and thought that it was a much better pair than fruit. 

Author Note
I've been a little slow with my posts and behind on my goal of at least one post a week. Sometimes work gets in the way of ice cream making! I've already made my next flavor (Fluffernutter) and will have a post soon on that recipe within the next couple days.

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